This year, RMG, one of the U.S. major Forwarders in the industry, has transitioned to the edoxOnline web-based platform as a process improvement tool for the preparation of shipping documents and certificates, introducing innovation, automation and standardization to the manual work.

In Argentina, it is significant to highlight that Vaccari, the main Forwarder in the industry, has successfully been utilizing edoxOnline for 8 years now, followed then by ISA (Independent Ship Agents) and CU (Control Union) who were enrolled last year. As for ISA, the usage of our platform has brought great benefits not only in the grain industry, but also in the use of minerals, fertilizers, fuels and scrap metal, among many other commodities.

Likewise, a number of Forwarders in the rest of the world have also implemented edoxOnline such as Control Union in Brazil, Odemara in Ukraine and Monson in Australia.

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