We wish we would have done this before but many things kept us busy.
  • We have positioned edoxOnline as the state of the art service provider for processes and international trade documents digitization.
  • We launched the first eBL solution supported by Blockchain technology.
  • We interfaced with the U.S. Customs Border Protection for ITN filing and with several Chambers for the issuance of eCO.
  • Last but not least, we have been contributing with our environment.
    • Since its launch, edoxOnline has managed 2.7 million document pages throughout the platform.
    • The water required to produce those many pages would amount to almost 1 million litres.
    • 300 trees saved which produce annualy enough oxygen for 550 people and can absorve 6,600 kg of CO2.
    • By issuing all of these documents electronically, the savings are really significant.

We know this alone will not save the world, but it is certainly gratifying to know we are doing our part against climate change.

But edoxOnline does not stop here. We are currently re-designing our platform and working on multiple breakthrough solutions to keep supporting your work, your productivity and ultimately your company’s success.

Our future is bright together.

Thank you for choosing us.

The edoxOnline team

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