We are pleased to announce that edoxOnline is the winner of the inaugural ICC C4DTI Digital Trade Awards – #C4DTIAwards together with CargoX in the category “Best Crossborder Trade Software System/Technology Solutions Provider of the Year”.
Congratulations to all winners, finalists and special thanks to ICC United Kingdom for recognizing our dedicated contribution to the digital transformation of global trade.

Alejandro Pernias, Global Share – edoxOnline CEO:

“Special thanks to ICC United Kingdom and the great team at the Center for Digital Trade and Innovation (#C4DTIAwards) for organizing such important International event that congregated companies and colleagues from all around the world. This is a significant contribution to the industry in terms of sharing knowledge together with important milestones aiming at accelerating the pace and scale of digitalization.

This is the result of other significant contributions and efforts being carried out in the international transport industry, such us the implementation and adoption the standards led by the Digital Containers Shipping Association (#DCSA). That´s the first step towards getting interoperability between different eBL service providers. Another initiative being led by Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) Niels Nuyens and team, our special thanks.

Lastly, I´d like to thank all our Clients and Companies in the same field/Competitors, since the collaboration is a key aspect of all these progress. Let´s continue this exciting journey all together

To the entire team of Global Share, who makes a tremendous effort every day to get edoxOnline being recognized as the Best Cross Border Trade Software/Technology Solution Provider of the Year.
Big thanks ! “

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