Importance, Objectives and Goals

Since issued documents represent dispatched goods, its correct and precise issuance will allow the parties to improve the negotiation and collections times, with the consequent impact in the working capital, improving, at the same time, the performance of the execution of international contracts within a cooperative and collaborative environment.


Even today, with all the internet benefits, many companies continue generating their documentation for International trade with unsophisticated tools, not aligned with the importance of the business.
This information handling is often inefficient, slow, subject to mistakes and, in all cases, with the consequent associated costs.

What is it about?

It is a web based tool to automatically generate multiple International Trade instructions and documents, where the information is entered in the system only once and the documents are produced with the same accuracy the information was originally entered, taking advantage of the internet to cooperatively network with the different parties involved in the transaction .
This allows every participant of the transaction, such us, custom brokers, supervision and fumigation companies, maritime agents, forwarders, official authorities, chambers, etc, to log in directly in the system and get and/or include the piece of information corresponding to its profile, avoiding repetition and retyping of information.

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Web-tool automatic generation of multiple documents used in International Trade.